Traveller Eviction

When a property, land or residence is left vacant for a long time there is a risk of a traveller getting in the property and occupy it. When a person learns of this occupancy usually he panics and tries to remove the travellers. However it is not easy to remove someone occupying your land, and at times if the occupier is aggressive, it becomes a risky situation to face the settlers. There are certain ways to make sure traveller eviction. It requires proper planning and efforts so the eviction is possible. Although by legal provisions the owner of the property has the right to take control over their property, however, there are proper ways this situation must be taken to task else it will only lead to further disputes and prolong the occupation. 

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Under the provisions of law, the landowner will not use any force or get hostile with the travellers in order to get their land back. At best the owner can ask the traveller to leave his premises and go for a court order. It better to look for other methods as often the people who are illegally occupying a land can turn hostile towards the landowner.

If the landowner is looking out for a quick resolution to the occupation they should hire the services of the Certified Enforcement Agencies. These firms hold licenses that are authorised to deal with illegal occupancy issues. They are skilled and are able to approach the trespassers while taking care of all legal rules and laws. They try for peaceful resolution of the conflict. They have access to police reinforcement to witness the approach and intervene only if the travellers are hostile. The enforcement agencies follow all the safety protocols when approaching the trespasser and negotiate the release of the property. When the occupier leaves the property the agency check for all the damages to the property and files a report. 

Going to the police directly is also the option, however, the police will not use force or be a part of the eviction process, unless the court orders to do so.

Going to court is another option, however usually such cases take times in court and the legal fees are high. People generally look for an option to settle the problem outside of the court. Eviction is a complicated process and the landowner looks for immediate solutions and not months of the court hearing.

Depending on the nature of occupancy and the behavior of the travellers the landowner may decide whether going to court is a good option or the case can be closed by using outside agencies and police support. The landowner may seek some consultancy from the legal office to get the understanding of the situation and go for the better option. All in all, the traveller eviction process may get complicated so the landowner must brace themselves for the work. As a proactive measure, it is necessary to keep your property locked properly and keep a regular inspection to make sure no one comes in the property.