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Discover the oldest provincial park in Ontario and one of the largest parks in Canada, 7725 sq. km (4800 sq. miles) to be exact. This magnificent park is located on the southern edge of the Canadian Shield between Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River. Today, Algonquin Park is considered one of the world’s most famous canoeing areas.

Just imagine... the glorious sunset silhouetting a solitary pine, the cry of the loon echoing from rocky lakeshores, a moose and calf grazing in a peaceful marsh, and a beaver forging a rippling wedge across a mirrored pond. Once darkness falls, the sky is blanketed with an incredible extravaganza of stars to wish upon... silence is only broken by the wild music of wolves over the hills. This is Algonquin Park.

Spring (May) - We begin explorations in the park as soon as the ice retreats from the lakes. May is an ideal time of year to experience the solitude of an Algonquin wilderness discovery.

Early Summer (June) - June is warm and full of sweet bird-song, blooming wild flowers and a time to have Algonquin practically to yourself.

Summer (July/August) - Algonquin is in full foliage for wilderness tripping with warm days and nights. July is also the best time for viewing the Milky Way when earth looks towards the centre of the galaxy. August is one of the best months to view wildlife and hear the call of the wolf and cry of the loon.

Autumn (September-November) - September offers clear, moderate to cool days and colder evenings. Late September-early October provides a spectacular display of colour as the days grow shorter. From mid-October into November the landscape takes on yet another new and interesting form. For the hearty this is once again the time to have Algonquin all to yourself.

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